Method behind the (March) Madness

March Madness holds a special place in my heart. Ever since I can remember, basketball has been my favorite sport. Maybe, just maybe, it's because my Dad loves watching the games on TV and because my Mom has bought books for our family about the lives of famous coaches. Maybe it's because I've grown up in an entrepreneurial family and understand the camaraderie and teaching atmosphere that exist between a boss/coach and his employees/players. Or, maybe it's because I love the strategy of “bracketology.”

Whatever the cause, as a designer and marketing person, I think it's pretty fascinating to observe our country bond over basketball. I mean, after all, logos and logo ideas are all over the place. Then there's the TV commercials, t-shirts, witty slogans and university promotional gear. And don't forget the bracket itself. Truly, design is everywhere during March Madness. It's awesome!

So, to celebrate all this madness — which isn't really madness because there are so many designers and marketing gurus involved — I've put together a few fun, NCAA tournament-related links below for your enjoyment.

Basketball image from the Stock Xchng site,